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P.O. Box 500009, Achugao, Saipan
Northern Mariana Islands , MP, 96950, USA
Phone 1670 322 1234       Fax 1670 322 1220


Welcome to Aqua Resort Club Saipan.

Aqua Resort Club, premier resort hotel in Saipan designed with you in mind. With relaxing atmosphere tempt those who wish to escape from busy city life. The resort is situated in the legendary Achugao beach of Saipan overlooking the Pacific ocean. A 3 hour flight from Japan will take you to this relaxing Resort in Paradise.

At Aqua Resort Club Saipan you can find the indigenous architecture of the building cluster the rooms, the lobby, the restaurants and the swaying palms in the poolside provide a most romantic setting you can imagine in a tropical resort. Spice your travel with a touch of adventure such as diving the World's best dive spots exploring the depths of the Pacific, they sit ready for discovery. Visit World War II relics still intact where they originally stood, or take your best golf shot in the green, makes Saipan a perfect vacation  destination.

And no matter which side of the Island you decide to visit, you'll be immersed with historical facts of the Island, experience the culture and character of the locale. Certainly at Aqua Resort Club, you'll feel like a local

SAIPAN, Northern Marianas    

Bird Island, SaipanHafa adai is our way of saying "Welcome". The island of Saipan is located in the western Pacific Ocean north of the equator in an area known as the Marianas.  The Marianas is where you can find the deepest part of the ocean-the Marianas Trench.   The island is part of a chain of 15 tropical islands and is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands or CNMI for short. A three (3) hour flight  east of Japan, a spectacular travel destination with clear blue skies, panoramic view of the ocean, refreshing breeze, green  vegetation, world class golf courses, spectacular diving destination, variety of marine sports are just a few to mention in a  Tropical paradise.


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